Cristina Tortora

Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at San José State University.

Cristina’s research activities focus on data analysis, more specifically on cluster analysis and high dimensional data clustering. 


Current research includes: model based clustering, clustering algorithms, ordinal data analysis, mixed-type data analysis, dimension reduction, outlier detection, missing values.


Furthermore her interests concern:

  1. Mixture of generalized hyperbolic distributions

    •  Mixture of contaminated normal distributions

    •  Outlier detection

    •  Multiple scaled distributions

    •  Probabilistic distance clustering for high-dimensional data sets

Her interests concern different applied areas as well, she collaborated with experts in different fields: psychologist, environmental scientists, engineers and agroecology experts.


Recent collaborations:

  1. Intuit, Active Labeling using Generalized Hyperbolic Mixtures Model-based Classification

    •  Mineta Transportation Institute: Evaluation of Different Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM) Systems

    •  Mineta Transportation Institute: Harassment on Transit

    •  FDA: Training Decay Selection for Medical Product Usability Validation Testing

Before coming to SJSU, Cristina was a post-doctoral research fellow at McMaster University in 2015 and 2014, at University of Guelph, in 2013 and at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples (Italy) 2012. She completed her PhD at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of  the University of Naples “Federico II” in February 2012.  During her PhD she was visiting student at CEREMADE Paris Dauphine.

Cristina qualified as “Maître de Conférences” in applied mathematics in 2013, France, she obtained her Master degree in Statistics (Statistica per le decisione e l’analisi dei sistemi complessi) at the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2008 and obtained her Master 2 (Economie quantitative des comportements et des marchés) at the University “Lumiére Lyon II” in 2009.


Contact information

cristina.tortora at sjsu dot edu

Assistant Professor

San José State University